Gasoline and fuel stations in Montenegro

One of the main concerns of every motorist who arrived in Montenegro in his own car or rented a car here, is the quality of fuel and its cost. Drivers are also interested in the situation with petrol stations in the country. So, let’s start to explain everything in detail.

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Types of fuel in Montenegro and its quality

At the most local petrol stations, you can fill your car with unleaded (95-octane and 98-octane) or diesel fuel. Also, you can find several petrol stations with 100-octane unleaded fuel. There are also many gas stations in Montenegro. On some of them, you can even fill gas cylinders with liquefied gas.

As for the choice of high-quality fuel in Montenegro, experienced motorists and tourists recommend to use one simple principle: if taxi and public transportation drivers use the services of a certain fuel station, then you can also safely use it to fill your car.

Because Montenegro imports all of its gasoline, its value varies frequently depending on the oil prices in the world. So don’t be surprised when you use the service of fuel stations in Montenegro: the gasoline prices can fluctuate even within a week. At the same time, the prices at all petrol stations are same, so it makes no sense to waste time searching for better prices.

Current fuel prices in Montenegro

The price of fuel in Montenegro is determined on Monday, once every two weeks.

Fuel typeUnleaded 95Unleaded 98DieselLPG (gas)
Price for 1 liter1.15 €1.19 €1.12 €0.54 €

Fuel stations in Tivat and nearby

There are 3 petrol stations in Tivat – EKO, Mivis and INA.
Just keep in mind that there is fuel and LPG (gas) at the INA station.

Also, there are 2 fuel stations, 3,2 km away from airport Tivat – Hip Hop и Pavgord.

Petrol stations in Montenegro

On the small area of Montenegro, the petrol stations are relatively close to each other. Therefore, you are unlikely to have problems with fuelling when travelling within a town. But if you intend to go to the mountains, then it is well worth to have a full tank of gasoline, since in the mountains there are fewer gas stations.

Driving along the roads of Montenegro, you can often find petrol stations of such fuel suppliers as Petrol, ECO Petrol, Pavgord, Lukoil, Mivis and INA. Each of these stations has staff ready to assist drivers with car fueling. Payment is made by cash or by credit card.

ECO Petrol owns the largest number of gas stations in the country. Its gas stations can be found in the center of large tourist cities (Budva, Kotor, Tivat, etc.), and in the suburbs. Among the tourists from Slavic countries, Lukoil is very popular (Russian origin of the company and the client experience of using its petrol stations in their home countries makes it popular).

Safety precautions on Montenegrin fuel stations

Unfortunately, on the Internet, you can find many stories about how visiting motorists were scammed in gas stations in Montenegro. In order to protect yourself from fraud by unscrupulous local refuelling operators, follow these recommendations:

  • Check the change they give you and save the receipt you received at the refueling station. The receipt should indicate time and value of your purchase.
  • When paying with a credit card, make sure that only the required amount was written off from it, and no more.
  • In order to avoid misunderstanding with the employee of the gas station, it is better to fill the tank by yourself. You can also control the process by looking at “before” and “after” readings of the device. Otherwise, there is a risk of incurring a loss from under-fill.

Well, now you are definitely ready for a car trip in Montenegro. Let the tank of your car be filled, and your car will work like a clock!

Lukoil fuel station, Montenegro
Fuel station in Budva - EKO
Fuel station in Montenegro - Euro Petrol
Petrol stations in Tivat - Montenegro Petrol
Fuel station Ina in Tivat, Montenegro
Fuel station Pavgord, near Tivat